Professor Kara Stevens during an accounting class at Bay Path

Meet Kara Stevens, program director, and learn more about our program.

The accounting program at Bay Path University provides you with the essential business skills and technical knowledge needed to be successful in the accounting profession. The comprehensive program includes a broad foundation of core business courses to develop those fundamental business skills essential to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. A rigorous, in-depth study of accounting focuses on the practical application of fundamental theories and the broad range of diverse functions today’s accountants perform so you are prepared to succeed in a wide variety of jobs within the accounting profession. 

If you wish to pursue professional licensure as a CPA, you can satisfy the 150 hour academic requirement adopted by most states through the completion of one of the graduate programs at Bay Path University, including the Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices (MBA). This graduate program is an excellent complement to the technical skills you will acquire in the accounting program and will better prepare you for the growing complexity, internationalization and change occurring in the business world. While preparing for the variety of professional accounting exams available (e.g., CPA, CMA, and CIA), you should work closely with the director of the accounting program to be sure you will meet your state’s educational requirements. 

Accounting Careers 

Few careers offer as wide a range of positions as the accounting profession. Every business, regardless of its size or structure, relies on the accounting function and the services of CPA firms. Individuals with accounting training often advance into upper level management and executive positions. Accounting careers are both challenging and rewarding and include positions in public accounting, corporate (managerial) accounting, taxation, and government and not-for-profit accounting. A minor in accounting is an excellent complement to a major in legal studies, business, and a great background for graduate school.

The Value of VITA

Although most college and university accounting programs around the country offer the VITA program to their accounting majors, Bay Path University's accounting program is unique in requiring this program and welcoming non-accounting majors. As a result, participation among accounting majors at Bay Path is 100% whereas participation at other schools is often less than 10%. This is important because VITA provides you with at least three benefits:

  • Knowing how to prepare a basic tax return is a life skill in our society. Unless you never earn wages, you must prepare a tax return year throughout your life. As a result, the VITA training is invaluable whether or not you are an accounting major. 
  • The opportunity to work with clients is an invaluable skill seldom taught in the classroom. At Bay Path, however, you don't have to wait until you enter the "real world" to develop this skill. In the future, your clients might be wealthier and more educated but learning to effectively work with clients will continue to be critical in your professional development.
  • Engaging in a community service activity provides benefits to both the community served and the person giving freely of oneself to help others. Feel proud that you are using your new found skills to improve the lives of other human beings.