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Save the Date for our 119th Commencement: May 14, 2016

Bay Path University’s 118th Commencement was held on Saturday, May 9, 2015, at the MassMutual Center Arena, 1277 Main Street, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Watch the complete ceremony via YouTube.

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Over 800 received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 2015

It’s official…and historic! At the 118th Commencement—the FIRST graduation under the banner of Bay Path University—the MassMutual Center rocked as over 650 soon-to-be alumni walked (over 800 graduated) and were cheered on by family and friends. Another “first” for the Class of 2015 was the group of 32 women who earned their degrees from The American Women’s College Online.

Commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient Jennifer Lesser Henley, director of Security Operations at Facebook, gave five lessons she has learned to graduates:

Lesson #1 – The “Dream Job” “…it is perfectly acceptable to not land that “dream job” upon graduation…”

Lesson #2 – The Power of Empathy “So often these days when people talk about changing the world, the focus is on innovation through technology, but I truly believe great innovation is driven just as much by empathy as it is by technology.”

Lesson #3 – Find your co-author “Never underestimate the importance of having someone who can live & write your story with you.”

Lesson #4 - The Perfection in Failing “As you change your mind, as you encounter new experiences and continue to write your story . . . you WILL fail.”

Lesson #5 – Your story should never end “Through your family and friends, through your day to day actions, through your accomplishments, failures and setbacks make sure you are taking an active role in what that legacy will be.”

Download and read the complete transcript of Jennifer Lesser Henley’s Commencement Address.

Our other honorary degree recipient, York Mayo, was a dedicated business and community leader who was a passionate volunteer for a number of causes and organizations across Western Massachusetts. On May 20, 2015, York Mayo passed away, and Buffy, his wife of over 50 years spoke on his behalf.

“If I had to sum up York Mayo in one word, that word would be exuberance…he just loved people. [His advice to the graduates] “… let’s go out into the world and help others along the way.”

2015 Commencement Awards

Bay Path University salutes outstanding undergraduate students who have distinguished themselves through scholarship, leadership and service.

The Eagle Award

Is presented to a traditional undergraduate student who has had a significant impact on the Bay Path community by exhibiting an overall positive attitude and demonstrating leadership in campus activities and athletics, while maintaining a CPGA of at least 3.5. Established in 2007, this award was made possible by the generosity of Rev. Dr. Enzo V. and Mrs. Mary Lou DiGiacomo.

Recipient: Kacie Lee Bayreuther ’15, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.

The Pathfinder Award

Is bestowed upon a graduating woman from the One Day A Week College or from The American Women’s College Online who has achieved academic excellence with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 while balancing family, career, and community service responsibilities. In demonstrating leadership, compassion, perseverance and integrity the recipient is a role model for all adult women who dream of graduating from college. This award was established in 2010 through the generosity of Mr. John H. Davis in honor of his wife, Robyn B. Davis, past Chair of the Bay Path University Board of Trustees.

Recipient: Daryl Anne Peck ’15, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Longmeadow Campus)

The Carpe Diem Award

Is presented to a graduate of the One Day A Week College from each of Bay Path University’s three campuses and from The American Women’s College Online. The Award is given to a woman who has demonstrated academic excellence with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and who most significantly embodies the mission of Bay Path University.

Burlington Campus: Andrea Rae Smith ’15, Bachelor of Science in Business
Central Massachusetts Campus: Laura Lee Vigeant ’15, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Longmeadow Campus: Stephanie Fay Wilson ’15, Bachelor of Science in Business
The American Women’s College Online: Lindsay Ann Fernandes ’15, Bachelor of Science in Business