Student Academic Achievement Day

Bay Path University's 2014 Academic Achievement Day

A day of celebration…a day of sharing…a day that opened the classroom doors to all. Held on April 9, 2014, our Third Annual Academic Achievement Day featured over 330 students in 62 presentations, ranging from poster presentations, performances, lecture, to panels. It was a day of Bay Path academic pride!

Here is a sampling...

"iScreen" Take Charge of Your Health, Take Care of Yourself!

Class of 2015 Physician Assistant Studies Program

The Physician Assistant Studies Students will arm participants with health screening information invaluable for a lifetime of wellness. Skills include blood pressure checks, cholesterol screening, breast and testicular self-exam instruction, and visual acuity testing.

Honors Thesis: Play Therapy for Children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Valerie LaFlash

This presentation will summarize research on how play therapy benefits the emotional, physical, and psychological development of a child with post-traumatic stress disorder. Approximately 5 to 14% of children in the general population will be affected by trauma. If practitioners can implement the child’s natural use of play as a therapeutic method for healing, then practitioners can promote healthy patterns of child development. Understanding the exact effects of play therapy also provides insight to additional services the child may need after the time of trauma.

Panel: One America, 2014: The Mississippi River

Mamalada Fenelon, Kaitlyn Rogers, and Amani Shirley

Students will discuss their experiences on the seven-day, January 2014 One America trip along the Mississippi River from St. Louis through Memphis and Natchez to New Orleans.

Unraveling Enron through E-Discovery

Karen McCarthy

Discovery is the legal process of both parties turning over information and documents  to the opposing side of a lawsuit in order to prepare for the best representation of one’s client in litigation. In the modern technological era, a lawyer must consider how relevant electronic information will be handled, required as part of the discovery process. This presentation will cover strategies for handling discovery of electronic information, collectively known as E-Discovery. The process will be considered with a particular focus on the Enron case through the use of Kroll Ontrack, a software tool used to process and analyze the Enron sample data.