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Student Academic Achievement Day

Bay Path College Academic Achievement Day

A day of celebration…a day of sharing…a day that opened the classroom doors to all. Held on April 10, 2013, our Second Annual Academic Achievement Day had over 60 poster presentations, performances, lecture and panels. It was a day of Bay Path academic pride!

Here is a sampling...

Highlights of Civic Engagement: Learning While Giving Back to Our Community
Alternative Spring Break: Kaitlyn Rogers, Karla Diaz, and Leah Hardy
WELL 100: Shayna Fish
Rebuilding Together: Amanda Bridge, Renee Beamon, and Megan Squadrito
Big Sisters Mentoring: Yismel Rosario, Sherriayn Spencer, and Danielle Silvia
Service Learning in the Psychology Department: Amanda Blumenstein and Chris Moya

The Experiential Learning Committee supports all dimensions of Experiential Learning. Such learning is essential to the mission of Bay Path College as the New American Women’s College. It is also reflected in the College’s recent inclusion to President Barak Obama’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. Creating mutually beneficial partnerships with community stakeholders insures that Bay Path College students receive a relevant, “hands on” educational experience, and that the institution stands as a resource for all who live, work, and study in the area. In this presentation, we will highlight five civic engagement programs within our community.

Forensic Biology Research Graduate Poster Presentation: A Comparison of total Human and Human Male DNA Quantification Kits

Samantha Lee Berrios, Gillian Brown, Tarah Caldwell, Talia Ricci, Amanda Shom, Aeriell Spear, Jennifer Tran

When processing biological samples from forensic evidence, the ideal outcome is a complete STR profile, or genetic fingerprint. DNA quantitation is one step in the process of generating a genetic profile. As part of Bay Path College’s Forensic Science Master’s Program, graduate students from the Forensic Biology Research course conducted an internal validation study of DNA quantification kits Quantifiler Human, Quantifiler Duo and Investigator Quantiplex HYres in accordance with the FBI’s Quality Assurance Standards guidelines for forensic DNA analysis. The QAS guidelines that were assessed in this study included sensitivity, reproducibility, precision, accuracy, mixtures, degradation and contamination using probative and non-probative samples. Degraded DNA samples were included to assess the kits’ ability to quantify DNA samples that mimic common issues found in evidence samples. The conclusion of this study will provide a recommendation of an appropriate kit for DNA quantitation.

Aurora and the Surf

Honors Project: Kimberly Quinn

Kimberly Quinn will talk about how and why an in-class exercise done in her creative writing class one year ago ended up growing into a novel entitled Aurora and the Surf, and how and why it also became Bay Path College’s first honors project featuring creative writing. Kimberly also will talk about the writing process and what it did for her, and she’ll read an excerpt, and take questions.