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Bay Path College students leaving Carr Hall

Academic Affairs at Bay Path College provides motivated students, and especially women, with an internationally recognized education that will empower them to lead lives of principle, purpose, contribution and importance in a global and interconnected society.

We are a College of choice for undergraduate women and graduate women and men who actively seek a challenging and demanding education, a supportive environment and the ability to maximize their potential as learners and leaders.

At Bay Path, our rigorous and applied professional preparation curriculum thoughtfully integrates career focused programs with both a broad based and integrated liberal arts core plus a concern for our various communities and the people who inhabit them. Our students grow in knowledge, possess superior communication and technical skills, are creative and innovative problem solvers, and have matured into self-confident and thoughtful citizens who are second to none. Bay Path College graduates have the education and the confidence to change the world.

Specifically, we deliver an educational experience that is:


Highly personalized as each student’s unique strengths, needs, intentions, passions and potential are intentionally and fully leveraged;

Relevant, with a focus on interdisciplinary learning that is readily adaptable to contemporary and emerging issues; 

Delivered within a caring environment that encourages social awareness and the confidence and conviction necessary to act upon this awareness for the good of others;

Committed to empowering students to take ownership of their lives and learning by engaging them in transformative, purposeful leadership opportunities;

Based on an abundance of experiential opportunities that foster self discovery and career and life preparation;

Dedicated to providing global, multi-cultural perspectives that promote an understanding about one’s place in the world an ability to be ready for whatever challenges the future will bring;

Portable through the development of flexible, adaptable skill sets essential for lifelong success.

We are at our best when: 

We put students first;

We prepare students for lives of continual learning & renewal;

We prepare students for the work of a lifetime;

We invest in our communities;

We hold ourselves and our students accountable to the highest standards;

We educate women and men for lives of purpose, positions of responsibility and principled leadership;

We invest holistically in the success of our students.

We expect our faculty and academic administrators to uphold high standards for the teaching and learning process. Our faculty are learner focused who design and deliver learning experiences that are rigorous, highly engaging, and outcome driven. Our notion of academic scholarship is broadly defined. Bay Path faculty pursue relevant scholarship and creative activity that is discovery-based, teaching-focused, and/or professionally applied.

At their best, Bay Path faculty are known as:

Transformative, learner-centered teachers and mentors who engage and energize their students and facilitate their success and achievement;

Reflective, lifelong learners and scholars who are connected to their disciplines and the professional and/or career contexts in which their disciplines reside and who are engaged in theory-to-practice research that supports the learning experience;

Socially aware individuals who are passionately engaged in service to the campus and the broader community and who integrate this community serving focus into their teaching.

Our faculty and students are supported by academic administrators who are transparent, inclusive, collaborative and compassionate. These are leaders who hold themselves and our faculty to the high standards that our students and their families expect and deserve.

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