Academic Affairs Vision 2013 Priorities and Strategies

Carr Hall in the spring

At Vision 2013's core, there will be a curriculum that provides a liberal, broad, and open way of looking at and experiencing our exciting and changing world; that guarantees competence in a discipline; that offers experience for leadership and character development; that demands excellent communication skills; that touches the hearts of students with the meaning of philanthropy; and that provides life skills every college graduate must have to navigate both their professional and personal paths. Over the three years covered by Vision 2013 the University will seek to fulfill the following strategic goals consistent with the objectives and strategies described in

Vision 2013.

Institutional Goal:

  • Fully operationalize Bay Path’s mission of educating and advancing women.
  • Define Bay Path University's role in educating students for the 21st century and, in so doing: 1) develop the educational experiences and academic programs that we can best deliver; 2) identify and recruit the students we can best serve; and 3) guarantee that each student’s potential is cultivated through the Bay Path “Thumbprint”.
  • Institutionalize a pervasive culture within Academic Affairs that embraces review and renewal through careful planning, comprehensive assessment and change.

Positively engage external resources in support of the University mission and to help us achieve the goals of each School/College.

Academic Affairs Vision 2013 Priorities and Strategies:

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